Cannabis: GrowerZ the card game

GrowerZ card game!

is the most revolutionary game on Cannabis ever printed!

Start a self-production adventure by challenging your green-thumb skills as, you will need to build your own secret garden: choose the best tools, exchange knowledge and tips with your neighbours and try to achieve the best results in growing techniques. Select the most suitable strains for yourself and your everyday lifestyle, become a professional GrowerZ!
Will you go for high-tech devices or will you prefer a biological approach?
Will you be seeking for a big reserve or will you try to harvest the finest shining trichomes?
It’s all in your hands… You will decide which kind of growerZ to be!

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The Game

GrowerZ is a DRAFT, imagined to be set in a context of legalization each player will have to choose between several options in order to build his/her own garden during the four season of a year. According to the character you will choose you will have to reach a specific goal in terms of quantity and quality, each player will have to produce according to his/her own needs.

Grow Your Own

In many countries is today possible to buy Cannabis seeds and to grow your own plants. Several studies propose the possibility to grow your own plants, with a specific regulation, as one of the most effective and simple model of legalization: you reduce illegal markets and criminal activities linked to it, you improve the quality of Cannabis at disposal, at the same time create working opportunities, GDP and tax income.
GrowerZ Card-Game offers the possibility to think about a possible model of legalization, already effective today in some country of the US and in several countries of the EU.
Which future is possible to imagine on an international scale?

Ivan Art

GrowerZ cardgame’s graphics and illustrations are executed by Ivan Art, internationally renown for his commitment towards spreading cannabis awareness. Ivan’s ironic and humorous approach brings the players closer to an interesting social analysis in an enjoyable and playful manner. Check out other great works on his website!

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